Competitive, fast and responsible.

The manufacture of garments for increasingly demanding and competitive
markets requires speed, control and, above all, responsibility; three key
axes on which we work everyday.

The 100% of our in-house production structure is located in Tangier
(Morocco). Knitting, dying, printing and sewing are the main steps that
take place, and are backed up by local suppliers.

Our Suppliers

We control the whole of our supply chain, from
the yarn reception until the finished garment.

We understand our suppliers to be our chain partners, that's why our
relationship is built to last, and it is based on trust and transparency.

Supplier Responsibility

Our own factories, as well as external suppliers, are audited annually
according to the following requirements:

RSC | Code of conduct

Work and development in an ethical and responsible manner.
Labor, economic, social or industrial relationship with a fair and respectful
Prohibition of forced labor, child labor, discrimination, abuse and / or
inhuman treatment.
Health and safety at work.
Commitment, conscience and respectful work with the environment.
Compliance agreement and responsibility to promote said requirements.

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